Faith at the speed of light

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Ronluce studied strategic foresight at regent university completing his dissertation studying megatrends around the world affecting the church right now. Of course these trends are going to have the biggest impact on the younger generation so it’s imperative that we understand this in the church. During his studies Ron documented and churches around the world who are defying these trends by reaching and discipling those most likely to come to Christ and doing it in a world-class way!

These ground shaking discoveries will both thrill you and give you great hope about what we can do as a church to rescue the young generation. It’s not a mystery have to be discovered. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can start doing it right now. You will see for yourself how churches are thriving right now around the world and you could be part of it!

This is Ron Luce’s doctoral research of global trends impacting the church and 10 different case studies of churches all over the world that are defying the trends. This book will challenge your team with all kinds of out of the box ideas to implement changes that make real impact! You can order yours at Amazon Faith at the Speed of Light: Experiencing Exponential Growth While Surfing the Wave of Change: 9781640889071: Luce, Ron: Books or for ordering in bulk for your team at a discount email (put in email address here for website)

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