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  • EXPONENTIAL 101 has been specifically designed to help your church become a bustling center of spiritual impact in your city! Your team will have the benefit of the research Dr. Ron conducted as he personally traveled to Exponential Churches thriving all over the world and curated their best-practices and the principles behind them that enable the local church be perceived as the problem solver in the community. Finally, hope is restored in the heart of church leaders as they hear the stories of churches being filled with the young generation and realize the conundrum of ‘how are we going to reach them’ has finally been resolved! Dr. Ron can guide you and your team into a thriving future as he helps you personalize their best practices for your church and community.
  • Your staff and leadership team will gain thinking tools to launch a post-Covid strategy based on churches around the world that were thriving and growing all during the pandemic.
    They will learn the paradigms and best practices of churches that have finally conquered the challenge of ‘How do we reach and disciple the youth of this generation?’
    Along with his 500 animated slides, and 100-page workbook for each participant, Dr. Ron will lead an engaging day-long interactive discussion with you and your team modeled after graduate school classes to enhance the ability for all to absorb and interact with the concepts presented.
  • The Masterclass Day is an immersive executive education, to put your team on the cutting edge of knowing and understanding trends impacting the Church and begin to process how you all can begin to implement the techniques in your city the proven processes that are causing churches to thrive worldwide.
  • Dr. Ron will introduce a revolutionary growth paradigm, to help those who come to Christ in your church, grow deep roots, and share proprietary measuring tools to chart their spiritual growth.
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