Remarkable Church

After traveling conducting mass arena and stadium events over 30 years, working with 100,000 churches in North America, Ron Luce traveled to 6 continents researching churches that are making profound and sustained impact; ReMarkable Churches.

What he discovered were churches that are defying trends and the odds in their given culture and country.

What makes a something remarkable?

First, as the word indicates, it is worth remarking about. We all hear of products through the grapevine that people are talking about because they like it so much. Seeing a church that is making such and impact that both secular people and the attendees cannot help but talk about it.

Secondly, we have all seen a sight or had and experiences that are so distinct and so profound, that it stands out in our memory as a seminal moment in our life. That book or movie, or cup of coffee just set a new standard for you of excellence and what you deem as setting the standard. You will never for get it. The churches Ron found in his doctoral research rose to that level of impact after working alongside thousands of churches for decades.

Some of the distinctives that make these churches truly ReMarkable are:

  • The norm is that EVERYONE is expected to become a disciple-maker
  • Intentionally growing their church by reaching those most likely to come to Christ; the youth
  • A culture of rapid and deep growth in Christ that is contagious

After embedding with the leaders of these ReMarkable churches for days at a time, and immersing himself in their training and culture, Ron curated many of their best practices into training to help other churches. The training called PROJECT 13, includes not only the best-practices, the process a church can use to begin to implement in their own context.

You want more info?

If you want more info about the tools to help you learn the tools remarkable churches use, check out our resources.