Since my graduation from Regent University with my doctorate, we have laid out a strategic initiative to shift the trends of the dechristianization of America’s youth and then scale the model to the ends of the earth!

After traveling all around the world I found churches that are excelling are doing two things well: reaching and discipling those most likely to come to Christ is what they all have in common. Since finishing my dissertation, I have built a Masterclass; EXPONENTIAL 101 and have begun traveling to early-adopter churches personally to help them learn and implement the fresh paradigm. There seems to be so much hope in pastors’ eyes as they realize that there is a way to dramatically impact the young generation and change the trends!

We have a strategic partner who wants to use technology to make the Exponential Church model very easy for Pastors to implement. He admonished me to FOCUS on only twelve early adopter churches, to assist them in implementing what we call PROJECT 13: helping churches for a period of 6-12 months to implement the reaching and discipling process and customize it for their environment. Once we have those 12 demonstrating proof of concept, and all the data from their efforts, we can fully deploy technology to help thousands of other pastors.

This is where you come in.

I am needing $250,000 to fully bullet-proof this proof-of-concept stage. I am asking the Lord for ten churches/individuals to each give 10% of this initial stage.

It seems like after all these years, we finally have a long-term solution to effectively shift the direction of this generation.

For your reference, we have listed our historical 990’s.  Click any of the following links to download: