I want to invite you to be part of this miracle!

After learning from all over the world the best practices of what we call Exponential Churches, I have been training church leaders online in a Masterclass ( and in person exactly how these churches grow by changing their focus.  BY FOCUSING ON REACHING AND DISCIPLING THOSE MOST LIKELY TO COME TO CHRIST (the youth) THEY BUILD AN EXPONENTIAL CHURCH!

There are a number of churches all over America that are excited and 12 that are somewhere in the process of implementing these best practices.  The problem is most church leaders do not have a plan to grow and build disciples.  They know that they should but not sure a format to use, or what should actually be taught.

As a result, Katie and I have undertaken an enormous task of reviewing 30 years of writing of discipleship tools for youth from the books I have written in the past and reformatted them into a powerful series to help pastors with this challenge.

The series is called PATHWAY TO FREEDOM, and I want you to be a part!

For your reference, we have listed our historical 990’s.  Click any of the following links to download: