Since my graduation from Regent University with my doctorate, we have laid out a strategic initiative to shift the trends of the dechristianization of America’s youth and then scale the model to the ends of the earth!

After traveling all around the world I found churches that are excelling are doing two things well: reaching and discipling those most likely to come to Christ is what they all have in common. Since finishing my dissertation, I have built a Masterclass; EXPONENTIAL 101 and have begun traveling to early-adopter churches personally to help them learn and implement the fresh paradigm. There seems to be so much hope in pastors’ eyes as they realize that there is a way to dramatically impact the young generation and change the trends!

We have a strategic partner who wants to use technology to make the Exponential Church model very easy for Pastors to implement. He admonished me to FOCUS on only twelve early adopter churches, to assist them in implementing what we call PROJECT 13: helping churches for a period of 6-12 months to implement the reaching and discipling process and customize it for their environment. Once we have those 12 demonstrating proof of concept, and all the data from their efforts, we can fully deploy technology to help thousands of other pastors.

It seems like after all these years, we finally have a long-term solution to effectively shift the direction of this generation.


Big problem we are going to solve:

Changing the trajectory of young people’s engagement in Christianity

Questions to answer for donors in advance:

How will PROJECT 13 be accountable to donors?

  • We send regular updates, including videos, data and stories for you to see the significant impact of your giving.

How will I know that my donation will be well spent?

  • We have minimal overhead so 80% of all gifts go directly to
    • developing and producing tools to help churches
    • coaching churches to effectively implement PROJECT 13
    • technology solutions to help scale training for churches around the world

How do we know this approach works?

  • After 3 decades of leading the largest ministry for youth in North America, impacting millions of youth face to face, we have learned how to make long term impact by discipling youth to become strong young adults in their faith!
  • The last 5 years has been spent in extensive study of churches around the world who are remarkable at reaching and discipling the young generation and simplified their best-practices and baked them into PROJECT 13.

What does winning look like?

  • Our goal is to train churches to reach and disciple the young generation with a fresh process
  • We have assessments along the way for each church to measure their own efficiency and constantly refine their efforts
  • As they begin the PROJECT 13 journey, they are each encouraged to inviter 5-10 pastors who are their friends to begin as well, and build a global relational network of PROJECT 13 churches.

How will we hold ourselves accountable?

  • We currently have 12 early adopter churches, and we regularly monitor their efforts and results to help them systematize their remarkable impact and use continuous improvement to make an even bigger impact
  • We have given a number of fresh metrics for churches to monitor themselves the most significant is “What is the average age of your church from 13 years old and up? What is the trend in 6 months? One year?”

How is this gift going to make a highly leveraged impact?

  • Most studies demonstrate most people come to Christ before 20. By training churches to focus on reaching them while 13, all their efforts will have the greatest possible impact on that groups, reaching far more that any other age group.
  • Training, and offering tools, to help churches build a pipeline of growth, from age 13-20 years old, and training them to be disciple-makers, we have the chance of having exponential impact as they reproduce their faith in others!

How your will giving make a massive generational impact?

  • Your giving will cause a domino effect as churches apply the best practices and then engage others in doing the same. You have the chance to help make the learnings from this global study accessible for thousands of churches impacting possible millions of youth globally. This has been the egregious breakdown in churches all over the world who want to impact youth, but have only old ineffective methods. Now there is hope based on real life data and examples of authentic life change!
  • Church leaders in Korea, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria and other have asked me to come and train their entire denomination with PROJECT 13! Dates have been set for next year, we simply must prepare with media and technology tools to implement PROJECT 13 on a mass scale.

How do we know it is going to work?

  • We have already engaged 12 early adopter churches in North America and have meticulously measured and refined the process during each iteration. They have already seen fantastic results and every church receives the benefit of the learnings of the others so institutional knowledge is growing and all churches are improving.
  • Each of the current early adopters will soon be inviting 5-10 of their pastoral friends to come see what they are doing and invite them to join PROJECT 13. In this way we will build a relational network, so they have friends in ministry who are a little further than them, to help coach them in the implementation of PROJECT 13 while they receive training online.

For your reference, we have listed our historical 990’s.  Click any of the following links to download:


The PROJECT 13 process teaches churches to continuously improve their efforts to help them make even more significant impact on the youth in their region.  They are taught to use metrics such as:

  • What is the average age of their church for people 13 and up?  What is the trend when measured every 6 months?
  • How many new Followers of Christ are reached every 6 months when they host an EPIC EVENT?
  • What percentage of them enroll in DEEP DIVE DISCIPLE-MAKING?
  • What present make complete each of the 12 week trimesters?
  • What is the progress of spiritual growth depicted it the assessments each youth takes every 4 weeks when they enlist in the DEEP DIVE DISCIPLE-MAKING?
  • What percentage of them enlist in the training to become leaders of small groups after 1 year?

As you can see, we are not simply helping churches start a new program, but teaching them to rigorously measure the impact of the spiritual intangibles of their newly discovered effective ministry to the next generation!