The Church Uniting to Reach Generation Next
Jesus Global Youth Day 2019 Manila, Philippines

Mobilizing & Equipping Leaders to Reach Their Youth

Church leaders around the world face the daily reality that the youth in their community are under the influence of the media and a world without morals.  The ongoing frustrating is that it is becoming harder to reach them and we see the effects in our families and our weekly church involvement.

We, as the leaders in the Body of Christ, are uniting around the next generation.  Leaders across the Body of Christ are all in agreement that now is the time to FOCUS on Generation Next

Jesus Global Youth Day
August 8-10, 2019

The Global church is uniting to rescue the younger generation! Already international networks of churches and leaders are working hard to get their leaders focused on JESUS GLOBAL YOUTH DAY 2019. Click here to learn more and get involved!


Jesus Global Youth Day 2019

Date: August, 8-10, 2019 Host: Manila, Philippines and broadcast/simulcast around the world. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For decades, there has been Catholic World Youth Day, started by Pope John Paul in [...]

Embracing a Culture of Change

Change.  We are told it is that only thing we can count on.  We change our socks, our wardrobe, our hair-style and our mind with regularity. We know people change, which is harder to anticipate, [...]

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