Our Passion

Our passion is to reach out to the 1.8 billion youth worldwide by:

  • Mass events in nations to create catalytic moments to mobilize and equip the body of Christ there to continue to reach their youth
  • Seek out and raise up firebrands in every nation to reach the youth there
  • Provide training tools and information for Pastors and leaders to have effective ministry to youth form their church
  • Leverage all possible technologies as they evolve to reach and disciple young people

Ron Luce

After working with 100,000 churches hosting hundreds of arena and stadium events for more than 3 million youth in North America, Ron Luce networked with leaders in over 100 nations to host 50,000 youth from 30 nations at JESUS GLOBAL YOUTH DAY!
He has written 30 books for parents and youth and having earned a Doctorate in Strategic Foresight is serving church leaders with his Ministry Masterclass EXPONENTIAL 101 by helping them apply best-practices he curated from global churches seeing extraordinary growth in spite of the earthquake of change shifting our planet.
He has been married to Katie for 36 years and has 3 young adult children.

Katie Luce

At age 13 Katie collided with her eternal destiny as she met Jesus and began a journey that revolutionized her entire life! After completing her bachelor’s degree at Oral Roberts University, she began a life of adventure that has taken her to over 50 countries taking the message of the love of God. Katie has found herself places like India watching blind people healed before her eyes and casting out demons as the entire village looked on. When she had the chance to canoe into the jungles of Panama with a team of teenagers, they were honored to be the very first people to present the Gospel to that village!

After starting a world-wide teen ministry Teen Mania with her husband from the back of their car, she has traversed America impacting millions of teenagers with the Gospel with their Acquire the Fire events.

Katie has completed her Master’s Degree theology from Regent university, where she also earned her certification in Life-Coaching. Her passion it to empower the lives of ministry leaders as she coaches various leaders at her home church Gateway Church in Southlake TX, and ministry leaders from all over the country. Coaching is her passion as she had witnessed leaders exploding with new passion for their calling!

Whether it is one on one or in front of audiences of thousands, Katie’s most endearing feature is loving people deeply and she pours Truth into their lives.


Reality Check

Church leaders around the world face the daily reality that youth in their communities are increasingly addicted to technology, social media and the influence of media without morals. It has become harder to reach them and we see the effects in our families and our weekly church attendance.

The ongoing frustration of doing all we know to do, yet actually reaching less of them is increasing among leaders around the world. We all know they thy are the Leaders of the next generation, but we are the leaders of this generation!

Studies show that most countries are not impacting the next generation with the Gospel in a significant way, which will trigger a MASSIVE REDUCTION IN THE SIZE OF THE CHURCH.

Think about it, without youth filling the pews, worshipping Jesus, who will be in those pews in 10-20 years? In fact 10,000 churches in South Korea have closed in the past 10 years for that very reason! Literally everyone in the church had died, and there was no one to take their place.

Data is overwhelming that most people come to Christ before 20 years old. It is while they are young and pliable, that they are more likely to commit to following Christ, and follow Him their entire life! But how do they come?

There are glimpses of effective ways to reach youth in various pockets of the world! Some that are extremely effective and levering those youth who come to Christ, to reach their own generation!

In order to make a dramatic shift, it will demand that we as leaders FOCUS….the power of FOCUS is what JESUS GLOBAL YOUTH DAY is all about. Together the leaders of the Body of Christ will come together and bring their youth to Manila in a demonstration of mass support for the next generation!