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  • “What if you could paint a picture of what you wanted a 21 year old to look like spiritually and with his character when he got there?“ Then you reverse engineer it so you start at 13 years old and proactively plan what growth should happen each year for them to end up at the age of 21 on fire for God, roots deep in Scripture and multiplying their faith in others?
  • That is exactly what we have learned that the best practices of those training the next generation all over the world, and what we have painstakingly assembled with the PATHWAY TO FREEDOM series!
  • This series starts when someone first comes to Christ and takes them through their entire first year, taking them DEEP…..each day with a quite time connection, and weekly discussion guide for them and their small group.
  • We have also designed a leadership guide so leaders can actually measure growth each trimester…..seeing how the small groups and the individuals are progressing in their Spiritual Formation!!
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