Innovating Pastors Webinar

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Take a trip around the world with this brand new Webinar »

This video will inspire you to as you get an overview of innovative approaches as they reach and disciple those most likely to come to Christ (youth). Taking these 30 minutes to watch could be the catalyst of HOPE for Sr. Pastors and leaders who know they are not reaching youth, and know they don’t really know what to do. The HOPE comes from realizing we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but can learn best-practices churches all around the world defying the trends of churches getting older. You will take a trip literally around the world during this video and have a rush of excitement that your church could also join the ranks of churches making a huge impact on the next generation. You can follow up this video with an entire Masterclass for you and your team at that will give you the deep dive of data and best practices of these churches and how you can apply them to your own church context.

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